How will the co-design process work?

    Co-design is a highly iterative and creative approach to working with stakeholders to reach mutually agreed and supported outcomes. It draws on the key skills of group work, critical thinking, visualisation, and deliberation. It is quite different from  other community engagement activities like drop in sessions.

    The series of workshops (supported by online engagement) will provide opportunities for input and feedback from the working group. This information will be collected and used to shape the design development. 

    Four workshops are planned for August and September. We hope participants will be able to attend the majority of the workshops to help provide continuity and shape final design development outcomes.  

    Will the co-design process change anything? 

    This co-design process is intended to shape the design outcomes and support ongoing development of the streetscape design. 

    Transport for NSW and City of Sydney Council will work together to incorporate aspirations and feedback from the working group as much as possible. We are committed to providing the opportunity for the community to have a tangible impact on the design outcomes.  

    How will my feedback be considered? 

    The workshop and online engagement activities are be designed to support he iterative design development process

    As feedback is collected from the working group, it will be shared with the design team at Transport for NSW and City of Sydney Council. A continuous feedback loop will be established as we seek to shape the design outcomes for the streetscape and respond to community aspirations. 

    Additionally, representatives from Transport for NSW and,City of Sydney Council will be taking part in the workshops. 

    Who has been invited to take part in this co-design?

    Transport for NSW has invited residents from the local area and community groups from Redfern. An invitation has also been extended to key stakeholders to take part in the working group. 

    What will each workshop involve?

    Each workshop will be structured to support the progressive development of the design. Information will be presented to the group, and we will run activities to develop and share ideas, and collect feedback. 

    The first two workshops will be held online through a digital platform such as Teams or Zoom. 

    The workshops will be facilitated by an independent facilitator and attended by representatives from Transport for NSW and City of Sydney. 

    What does the upgrade provide for the community of Redfern?

    The project aims to improve accessibility at Redfern Station as part of the Transport Access Program, by creating a station precinct that is accessible to those with a disability, limited mobility, parents/carers with prams and customers with luggage. 

    Upgrading Redfern Station will make it easier for all customers to access the station and improve connections between the station and key local destinations. 

    The upgrade includes: 

    • a new concourse at the southern end of the station 
    • easy access to platforms 1 to 10 with six new stairs and lifts
    • better connectivity with the surrounding areas including key destinations such as South Eveleigh (formerly known as Australian Technology Park) and education centres.

    How can I get more information about the project?

    The project website contains the latest updates and is the best source of information, 

Co-design workshop

    How do I access the online workshop?

    You will receive a link prior to the online workshop via an email sent to your nominated email address. 

    How do I ask questions during the session?

    There will be time allocated for questions and discussion, however please type your questions into the chat function so the facilitator can monitor and answer them.

    Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

    You don’t need to bring anything along to the workshop except your curiosity, ideas and creativity! You can of course take notes if you wish.

    What if I can't attend one of the workshops?

    A summary of each workshop will be uploaded to the hub after each workshop. You can also join in on the discussion forum or ask a question and we will respond as soon as we can.

    How will I know about the outcomes of the workshops?

    The outcomes of the workshops will be summarised and provided on the hub at the conclusion of the co-design process. Further project updates will be available on the Transport for NSW Redfern Station Upgrade project page.