What might the wharves be used for?

    The primary use is expected to be a ferry service for visitors to the area, and by the local community, for cultural and recreational purposes.

    Commuters are a potential secondary user of a ferry service, with the majority of commuters expected to originate from the Kurnell side and travel to the eastern suburbs and Sydney CBD for work.

    The wharf infrastructure would also be available for short-term use by non-ferry commercial vessel operators (such as whale watching vessels) and will be available to community members including recreational boat users and fishers.

    It will not be a marina to moor boats

    What are the expected benefits of this project?

    Reinstating the wharves at La Perouse and Kurnell is expected to provide the following benefits:

    · Significant cultural, health and economic benefits to the local Aboriginal population providing a meaningful step towards reconciliation at the location of the first Meeting Place.

    · Creation of active transport alternatives facilitating mode shift away from private vehicle use and consequently a net reduction in carbon emissions.

    · Enabling realisation of the Kamay 2020 Masterplan objectives and benefits through an improved sense of arrival and increased visitation at both sides of the Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

    · Safer access for recreational fishers which is expected to contribute to a reduction in rock fishing incidents in the region.

    · Provides the missing link for walking and cycling routes around Botany Bay and along the coastline.

    · Improved access and facilities for recreational vessels.

    · Activation of investment opportunities leading to the creation of jobs and wider economic benefits, in particular to the construction, tourism and hospitality sectors.