How were the proposed wharf locations determined?

    The proposal to reinstate the wharves at the original locations was based on an options assessment considering multiple factors including accessibility, proximity to the National Park, operational requirements, and environmental sensitivities. A detailed discussion of these preferred locations and the consideration and assessment of options will be included in the Environmental Impact Statement.

    What additional facilities will be included with the wharves?

    In addition to the wharf structures there are plans to include facilities to support the operation of the wharves including additional car parking and drop off zones (with provision for disability access), sheltered passenger waiting areas, lighting, and other ancillary items such as ticketing and security provisions.

    Given that the previous wharves were damaged by storms in 1974, how can you be sure the reinstated wharves will withstand future storm damage?

    We now have an improved understanding of extreme coastal processes, and more sophisticated materials, design analysis and construction methods. The wharves will be designed to withstand extreme storm conditions in accordance with current engineering industry standards and guidelines. Climate change-induced impacts will also be considered in the design. 

    Extensive modelling has been undertaken to understand the waves and currents in the waters in Botany Bay near the site of the wharves. These models have been validated by in-field measurements and independent specialist review.

    Will new permanent vessel moorings or a marina be included with the project

    The wharves will provide for recreational craft to moor up for short periods but there is no provision or allowance for permanent vessel moorings at the wharves or elsewhere e.g. single point anchor moorings or marina pontoons.