Who will operate the ferry service?

    Discussions with various ferry operators currently operating similar services at other locations have informed the project’s planning, assessment and design. At this stage the most appropriate operating model and party has not been determined.

    What type of ferry vessel is proposed?

    Feedback from potential operators and assessments of likely demand indicates that the ferry vessels would be relatively small to medium in size with a maximum capacity of between around 100-250 passengers.

    How often will the ferry service run?

    Based on feedback from potential operators and assessment of expected demand, 2 ferry services could operate per hour in peak visitor times (e.g. during weekends) and less frequently at other times. This will be confirmed once an operator has been identified.

    Will the wharves allow ferry vessels to berth overnight?

    Ferries are expected to berth overnight (as well as refuel and resupply) at a separate location. This location will be confirmed once an operator has been identified. Berthing overnight would only occur in exceptional circumstances such as an emergency.

    Will there be a ferry service to Circular Quay?

    The design of the wharves would allow for use of ocean going vessels in the future but a service to Circular Quay is not part of the current proposal.