What does the project include?

    Transport for NSW is investigating options to provide an on-request rail stop in Millthorpe. We are undertaking a feasibility exercise to commence planning to reinstate Millthorpe as a stop for XPT services.

    What are the challenges associated with XPT services stopping at Millthorpe?

    XPT services ceased at Millthorpe in the 1990’s.  Since this time, the railway track was realigned for safety reasons. The platform is now approximately 4 metres away from the platform. A significant amount of construction work to the platform or tracks is necessary to enable XPT services to stop at this station.

    What is the Heritage significance of Millthorpe Station?

    Millthorpe Station is included on the NSW Heritage Register. The structure is listed as ‘of a high significance.” Accordingly, any work would require consideration of potential heritage impacts and compliance with obligations under the Heritage Act 1977 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

    What happens next after we’ve provided our feedback?

    TfNSW will review the feedback provided from the local community and key stakeholders to develop a proposal for rail improvements that would enable the XPT to reintroduce on request stops at Millthorpe Station.

    We will provide an update to the community and stakeholders following completion of this planning work, expected in the first quarter of 2018.

    When are you going to undertake construction work? When will rail services recommence at Millthorpe?

    TfNSW is currently undertaking consultation to determine the concept scope for the station.  A planning assessment would then be undertaken and if approved, construction timeframes would then be confirmed. We will continue to keep the local community informed about the project status via the website and stakeholder email list over the coming months. For project enquiries or to provide feedback, the team can be contacted by emailing projects@transport.nsw.gov.au or by calling 1800 684 490.